About me

14 Mar

Hello! Nice to meet you blog reader. My name is Stella, and this is my new home and garden blog;  Stebba Coldingham Priory. It may seem like a mouthful, but so is my cooking most times! My husband pushed me to start this blog after our kids left the house and I started to feel a bit depressed because I didn’t have anyone to share my homemaker tips with. Now I have all of you!

On this blog,  will be posting some of my favourite recipes (and maybe some secret ones) and some gardening tips as well. I have been cooking dinner at our house for 25 years now so there are a lot of recipes floating around my head. I did have my own little business at the same time as well, making ornamental flower bouquets from my garden. I loved doing that, and it proved to be fairly profitable for us as well!

Come back next week and I will hopefully have my first post cooked up for you. The plan is to have one post a week, with maybe an extra long post in every couple of weeks. I hope to see you next week, I am positive you will like the post I have planned. Take care everyone!