How to get better at Meal Prepping.

14 Mar


Meal Planning

If you’re someone who likes the spontaneity of not knowing what’s for dinner, then you’ve never experienced the enjoyment of meal planning. Not only can meal planning help you plan your upcoming meals, but it can also help you plan your upcoming week. If you already know what the meal will be, you can plan your time better around it.  Making leftovers tomorrow? You have time to hit the gym beforehand, or go for a walk around town.  

meal plan

Double up

Another great way to save yourself some time.  Double up on a recipe so that you have leftovers for the next day, or days ahead.  You can switch them up by adding other ingredients or changing up the sides.

Simple, hearty meals

Realise that you can’t and won’t make something new and exciting everyday.  Some days you will be eating the same meal as the day before, whilst others you will be feasting like a king. Knowing some simple, easy to make, hearty recipes will help you to save time and money.

Back up meal

Unfortunately no pre-planning can save you on the days when you have to cook, but really don’t want to.  On these days you need a meal that requires nearly no effort, and means that you still have dinner on the table.  Simple pasta dishes, or egg dishes are great for getting meals done in no time.

Organise and clean

If you want to make sure that you stick to your meal planning then you will need to do more than just meal plan and shop.  Keeping your kitchen clean and well organised might seem obvious, but it’s so necessary if you want to cook everyday.