New kitchen appliances

14 Mar

Just bought a new kitchen appliance? What’s the first step?  Obviously you have to unpack it from the box, but what else do you have to do to integrate a new appliance to your space.

Instruction Manual

Whilst this is something most of us will hide in the bottom of a drawer, It’s a pretty important part of the process.  There is some important information hidden in the instruction manual, and although it is long and boring you should only need to read it once. You might find out about the best method to wash it, and do’s and don’ts so that it will last longer.


Your appliance will likely have a warranty. So get online and register it. It doesn’t matter how excited you are to play around with your new appliance. If you don’t go and register it now you never will.  

Wash it.

Although your appliance has never been used it’s never a bad idea to give it a quick clean.  

You never know, and probably really don’t want to know, what’s left behind in the bottom of your appliance. Cleaning it also allows you to get used to your new appliance and it’s parts.  Which should make it easier when you use it, and later clean it.  

Place it.

Find a place for your appliance in the kitchen. Are you planning on using it a lot? Is it attractive or more functional? Is it easy to carry or heavy? Depending on how you answer will depend on where you should put your new appliance. Whether it gets pride of place on your countertop, or hidden away in a cupboard.

Read up.

Whether this is your first of an appliance or replacing an old broken one.  Have a quick look online or in cookbooks for some tips and trick to use the appliance.

Read up